Complementary Services

Tidewell Hospice’s philosophy of care is focused on providing comfort and helping those with advanced illnesses live well. As a result, Tidewell offers an array of special programs that bring quality of life to patients and their loved ones. The programs, listed below, are designed to reduce stress, relieve pain, provide opportunities for joy and facilitate healing of psychosocial issues for patients and families.

Expressive Arts

The process of creating art diverts patients’ attention from the symptoms that might be causing stress. Trained facilitators work with patients and train staff, family and volunteers in various Expressive Arts techniques. Several patients have said of the process, “When I am working with art, I forget about my pain.”

Music Therapy

Music has the ability to bring the body into harmony and can serve as a gatekeeper in controlling pain. Tidewell’s talented and committed volunteer musicians make regular visits to hospice houses, like the planned Lakewood Ranch facility, and go to other facilities as requested.

Horticultural Activities

The primary goals of Tidewell’s horticultural program are to use plants and gardening to reduce stress and discomfort, alleviate depression, facilitate communication between patients and visitors and enable patients to regain a sense of control by offering plants to care for and grow as living legacies. Like other Tidewell hospice houses, the Lakewood Ranch Hospice House will have a “sensory stimulation” garden composed of scented roses and fragrant herbs and a butterfly garden.

Pet Therapy

More than 100 pets, most of them dogs, make scheduled visits to hospice houses, nursing homes and patient residences with their volunteer owners as part of the Tidewell Pet Therapy program. Touching an animal can bring back memories and trigger discussion, sometimes in patients who haven’t spoken for months.


The Tidewell Clown Alley has been recognized as an official clown alley by “Clowns of America International” since 2001. It is the only clown alley associated with a hospice. Our clowns visit nursing homes and assisted-living facilities and are favorites at community events.

Massage Therapy

Tidewell offers therapeutic massage for pain and stress management and to evoke an overall relaxation response. Licensed massage therapists oversee and supervise consultations. Tidewell also offers patients Reiki, a Japanese method of healing administered by “laying on hands,” and Caring Touch, which employs slow, rhythmic stroking, light holds and circular strokes.

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