Benefits of a new hospice house

For patients

Professional staff is available 24 hours a day, and a physician specializing in symptom control visits daily. Together they develop a treatment plan designed to enable patients to return home. Each room is spacious with abundant natural light in a modern design. Long-term visitors will be comfortable with a recliner and daybeds in the rooms, suitable for overnight stays.

For visitors

Friends and family members of Tidewell Hospice patients will feel welcome at the Lakewood Ranch Hospice House. The house was designed to make it easy for visitors to move through the facility and obtain information about loved ones. Tidewell staff is available in a centrally located nurses’ station visible from the entrance. Family areas on both sides of the nurses’ station provided space to relax. Zones within the family areas offer places to fix a snack, have a discussion or watch television, with the loved one nearby. A reflection room near the entrance offers a quiet spot for private moments. Outside, tree-lined pathways provide a link to serenity and nature.

For Tidewell staff

The centrally located nurses’ station and offices promote the Tidewell team approach to patient care. The house’s clinical director and medication room are located within the station. The modern design places the staff entrance and delivery areas in the back of the house, keeping staff areas separate from patient rooms and visitor entrances. The area is wired for the most up-to-date technology for electronic medical records.